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We help companies of all kinds grow their businesses and succeed in new ways. We will learn more about each other and how we can help you in a short talk than after hours of reading about each other. Call us to begin that conversation at 650-269-0434.


Our Mission

We start with a thorough understanding of who you are, what you've got, and why it's important. Then we craft a marketing solution to get you where you want to go. That solution will be grounded in a thorough strategy but will succeed because of the thoughtful execution of a marketing campaign that uses all forms of effective marketing that apply to you.

If the goal is short and sweet and project based, the solution will be short and sweet. If the goal is more far reaching and complex, we will craft a way to get there that uses every form and level of marketing needed in the mix.

The level and cost of the solution will depend on what we both decide is needed.

Allan Hayes is a very savvy marketeer and communications strategist. He’s unusually creative in conceiving campaigns that work. In a word, he’s smart, not just clever, but also mindful, funny, and fearless. His real gift may be helping a company in transition, even in crisis, to find its identity.
— Mark MacNamara, Communication Expert

Some of what we've acheived.

  • Designed and implemented a Social Media marketing approach that turned around and saved a major Senior Independent Living Community.
  • Created national awareness for a small startup competing in a new, unknown market. Launched the campaign and marketing program that helped take the company through major IPO and buyout.
  • Transformed company’s brand & products perception with a strategy that increased sales by 300% leading to IPO and subsequent Billion+ buy out.
  • Restructured the approaches of five company’s merging into one with a strategy and communication approach that solidified their top-tier presence.
  • Designed and executed the campaign that overcame market resistance to the acceptance of using GPS technology with new high tech instruments.
  • Created entire brand ‘look’  including packaging, flyers, promotions, sell sheets, ads, store posters and pop displays for The Learning Company.
  • Invented and implemented a national campaign with a strategy and materials magnifying brand and social awareness for Chevron, USA.
  • Developed strategy and solutions instrumental in evolving and enhancing Project PLAN, the world’s largest modular individualized learning system.