If you're not having fun, it's probably no good.

Great Social Media marketing humanizes the way you tell potential customers 'Who you are, what you've got and why it's important'. The relationship you create with your potential customers can be interactive and has the potential to go viral if you reach people's hearts and minds. So it's important to express yourself in a way that touches both the heart and the mind.

Content, content, content. This has been a big mantra for awhile now. Good content is powerful, but nowadays, content is everywhere. People want real ideas, but it works best to deliver your content in a way that makes it fun for your audience to enjoy as they absorb the meaning.

That's why I like to attach a cute squirrel to everything. (OK, just kidding) But let's say he's saying, "I'm so tired ofthe same content over and over from all of you. Just make it fun for me and I'll remember you over the others!"